Nordic evaluation of gender (in)equality in film distribution

Stockholm feminist film festival has conducted a Nordic evaluation of gender equality in film distribution. The Danish evaluation will be presented and discussed at an event at CPH PIX, October 31st, see invitation here.

The Danish numbers in short:

  • The study included all films shown in Danish Cinemas 2015.
  • In 2015, 238 films were shown on cinema in Denmark.
  • 87% were directed by men, 13% were directed by women
  • 84% of all screenwriters were men, 16% were women
  • 74% of all producers were men, 26% were women
  • 69% of the main characters were men, 31% were women
  •  6% of all films had a female main character and was directed by a woman.
  • 91% of the total visits to films on cinema (biobesök) was to films with a male director, and 9% to films by a female director.

On October 26, STIFF published a debate article about the evaluation in Politiken together with Kvinderådet and Women in Film and Television, WIFT. Read the article here.

Read our press release here.

Download the evaluation here (excel).